Incorporated within your company’s structure and culture, TravelLean programs  tackle the issue of overweight and obese on-the-go employees by interleaving key nutritional, activity, and psychological principles into their traveling routines.

 Basic plan
TravelLean can provide an off-the-shelf program to supplement your corporate wellness program.

  Customized plan

TraveLean principles can be tailored to fit seamlessly with your corporate wellness program and match the general traveling routines of your employees.

  Executive plan
Maintaining the health and fitness of your company's big kahunas while they travel presents a special challenge. TravelLean can provide personalized programs based on individual assessments and travel schedules. 

Terry is a compelling speaker who blends information about nutrition, exercise, and travel with psychology and humor. He entertains his audiences while delivering practical, useful, real-world advice that improves the health of traveling employees and their companies. Terry’s approach is unique, his delivery is lively, and his audiences get hooked.

TravelLean welcomes inquires from established and formative corporate wellness providers interested in expanding their offerings to include traveling employees. 

To discuss how TravelLean can be integrated into your company’s employee wellness program, contact Terry.

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